As you can see below our material focus is in oils and fats (triglycerides); in waste, residues and by-products; in bioenergy. If our material has a better use in another industry, we also take other routes; e.g. into the oleo-chemical industry or towards feed producers.

Our typical business function is to source and purchase material for you as a customer and transport it to your destination; alternatively for you as a supplier we find users for your material, buy it from you and load it for transport to the user. Sometimes we store the materials that we purchase in a warehouse before we sell it or before we transport it to its final destination. And other times we move the material to our or a partner´s location to change the packaging or treat the material in order to prepare it for the use at the customer´s plant.

Typically we transport in truck loads of 25 metrical tons. This can be road tankers, ISO tanks and so-called Flexibags in 20″ Containers. Intermodal transport and bulk transport by vessel or rail is possible as well if and when needed. We also develop more complex solutions with our business partners which can include re-packaging, filtering, cleaning, blending, drying and other sorts of treatments.

Have a look at our focus materials and at materials that we come across and are engaged to help you with:

Focus Products:

  • Biodiesel
  • Vegetable Oils and Fats
  • Animal Oils and Fat (Cat 1-3)
  • Glycerin
  • Used Cooking Oil
  • Acid Oils / Free Fatty Acids
  • Waste Oils and Residual Oils

Examples of other Products:

  • Bioethanol
  • Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
  • Wood Pellets
  • Palm Oil Mill Effluent

Certification Partners: